100 Days!

fifa wwc

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The Women’s World Cup is happening this summer in Canada. It promises to be one of the most competitive women’s soccer competitions in the history of the sport. So many teams have quality players, and the gap between the best teams in the world and the next best teams continues to shrink.

To prepare for the World Cup, the US Women are currently in Portugal getting ready to compete in the Algarve cup. Known for it’s competitive matches, the Algarve Cup will take place from March 4-11.  The US are matched in a group with Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland. If they win the group, the have a chance to play in the championship match on March 11th. Here’s a great video about the preparations the United States are making for the World Cup in June!

I can’t wait for the World Cup opening match on June 6th! 100 Days to go!