Skill Videos

Favorite videos

Coerver basic ball mastery

This is a great one with lots of different touches using all surfaces of the feet! Simple, yet can be challenging if done at speed.

Beginner juggling

From the AC Milan Jr. Camps, this video gives a great basic idea of how to learn the technique of juggling, or “kick-ups” as they’re called in this one.


Excellent overview of many different touches and moves. Should take around 10 minutes to complete. See if you can improve your time!


Fast feet without the ball will help when you have the ball at your feet too! These ladder exercises are awesome to help improve foot speed, agility, balance, and coordination.

Don’t have a fancy agility ladder? Get creative! Use chalk outside, or in the garage to draw one, or put masking tape, duct tape, any tape down on the floor! Use a hallway, space in the basement, or anywhere else. Use cones in the yard! Fast feet without the ball means fast feet with the ball.


Yael Averbuch (regularly in the US National Team Pool) does a great job showing off some skills to practice if you have a wall (or two) available. She makes it look easy, but lots of the touches, especially the juggling ones are very difficult!

More videos

Beginner videos

This guy is a little crazy, and is trying to sell bobblehead dolls at one point, but it’s a good, longer, more in depth explanation for juggling technique.

AC Milan Jr. Camps Videos

Lesson 2: The step over (what many American coaches call a “scissor”)

Lesson 3: Turns

Lesson 4: Shooting

Intermediate/Advanced Videos

Beastmode Soccer Phase 1 Footwork

Beastmode Soccer Phase 2 Footwork

Total Soccer Benchmarks: Brazilian Touches

Freekickerz: Top 5 Amazing Moves to Learn (really difficult, but fun to watch and try!)


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